Red Moon carries a variety of unique brands and products that have been created in small batch by passionate people across the country.  The mission is simple: create.  Our inventory is carefully curated to display multiple aspects of the home and lifestyle business.  Supporting the artists who work hard and innovate brings on a gratification that can't be matched.  

Owner and buyer, Christina Cali has always had a love for decorating and styling, especially small spaces.  Working with found, new objects, furniture and most of all plants, she found a knack for seeking out pieces that add that something special to a space.  After working for other people for so many years she decided it was her time.  Her time to do something that she truly loved.  The love for seeking out timeless goods that will add that extra bit of character to a room.  

"My home is an extention of who I am as a person.  Just like the way you dress your body, your home is also a way to express yourself.  Why not add something unique that wasn't mass produced in some factory somewhere, instead I'll help you find items made by hand, in home studios from someone who has a story." 

Christina Cali